Nugenix Reviews: Does This Product Really Work?


Nugenix Testosterone Booster Critical Customer reviews

Nugenix Reviews

What is Nugenix?

Nugenix is a testosterone booster that has recently been getting a lot of attention. Many people who are interested in sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements have begun to pay more and more attention to testosterone boosters. Are testosterone boosters generally effective? Yes, but is this one? There are a lot of Nugenix reviews, but read the following Nugenix review to discover why we recommend Nugenix over so many other supplements.

Nugenix Benefits (Reported)

There are just as many ineffective testosterone boosters out there as there are effective ones, which can make it extremely difficult to decide which one to buy. The best testosterone boosters work because the ingredients have been proven to stimulate testosterone production within the body.

We rank a testosterone booster based on the amount of testosterone boosting ingredients it does or does not contain and how much of each ingredient is included in every serving. Nugenix contains solid testosterone-boosting ingredients, and the nutrition label is more impressive than most other testosterone boosters. There are several active ingredients, and it has a fairly high overall potency.

Nugenix Ingredients

Nugenix is contains vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, and a proprietary blend. Zinc is a proven testosterone booster and is a big part of a lot of the formulas of testosterone boosters we have reviewed on our site.

Nugenix Reviews

For those of you who don’t know, “proprietary blend” is a manufacturer’s way of protecting their formula. The individual dosages of certain ingredients are not disclosed so that their formula can not be copied. Some people view this as a negative thing because they think “well, I don’t know exactly what I’m getting.” Well, that may be true, but if you know something works based on real results, then sometimes you don’t need to know exactly what’s in it.

With Nugenix, each serving has 2103 milligrams of their proprietary blend, and the blend consists of fenugreek extract, L-citrulline, and tribulus terrestris. All of these ingredients are considered to be testosterone boosters by many experts in the industry.

We are unable to evaluate the label to the best of our abilities since we can’t see the individual dosages, but we can still get a pretty good idea of how effective it is. Take a look for yourself and note how high the dosage of the proprietary blend is.

Nugenix Ingredients and Supplement Facts

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Other Nugenix Reviews

In order to discover what kind of results people were experiencing, we explored some other Nugenix reviews submitted by actual users of the product. For the most part, the Nugenix reviews were positive, and users seemed to be pretty happy.

Nugenix side effects and complaints were very limited. Many testosterone boosters can often cause a couple of side effects at the very beginning of the bottle since your body is not yet used to the ingredients, but once you get used to it, those side effects should go away. The Nugenix side effects specifically were very minimal.

The Pros

  • Nugenix contains several proven testosterone boosting ingredients
  • The overall potency of the blend is higher than most we have seen
  • The Nugenix reviews are mostly positive, which is a good sign
  • Side effects are not commonly reported
  • It is priced fairly at $69.99 per bottleThe Cons
  • Nugenix uses a proprietary blend, which may be a concern for some people
  • Nugenix would likely not be a good product for women to use

Nugenix Conclusion

Nugenix has been an effective testosterone booster for a lot of people, and although it is not our #1 recommendation, it is still a great product. Any supplement that managed to make our list of the Top 10 Testosterone Boosters is certainly a quality product.

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